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How to Play Your Song on The Air with One of Our Digital Broadcasting Network Corporation Radio Stations…

New Wave Radio - Rock n Roll Radio - Wild Country Radio - Yacht Rock Radio - Alternative Radio
New Wave Radio – Rock n Roll Radio – Wild Country Radio – Yacht Rock Radio – Alternative Radio

“Attention all musicians and songwriters! Do you have a music dream that you’d like to pursue? Let us be a part of it! We’ll support you and help you achieve your goals.”

  1. For only a $25 promotion fee, We will highlight/Feature/play your original song on our station for five (5) consecutive days at a designated time you choose!
  2. We have 1.5+ million unique listeners a week and access to 2 billion listeners on our apps and streaming partners. Now, that’s a lot of potential for your song!
  3. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work and costs to keep this station running, and adding your music to the mix increases our costs!   Your $25 buys you valuable airtime and website setup and helps us PAY OUR INTERN STAFF to keep the music we ALL love Music here on our radio stations.

So what’s next? Use the Contact Us form below and click on our “Artist’s Original Music Consent and Release Form for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY RADIO BROADCAST/RECORDING AGREEMENT paperwork” for review, which must be signed to move forward.

Please note that we only consider and support touring bands who can provide us with proof of events and venues they have played. Additionally, only original songs are considered (no cover bands here). We kindly request that you provide only live recordings of your songs instead of engineered ones from your computer. Thank you for being so cooperative.

We do not support cover bands! Only original artistic work is going to be played here!

We are Licensed by ASCAP