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The Broadcast Radio Market is estimated to surpass the $1.65 billion mark by 2026, growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 4.2% from 2021 to 2026. The availability of alternative signals of audio devices over a standard FM radio will drive the market.

Increasing adoption of smartphones and internet facilities have led the market to rise in the number of internet radio audiences, driving the growth of the global radio advertising market as radio broadcast is easy to access. In the past five years, cellular radio telephone, pagers, cable television equipment, antennas, receivers, and amplifiers have been good sources of entertainment and news. This factor has favored the growth of the market. This adoption is driven by rising demand for Audio streaming which has enjoyed a six-fold leap in the past eight years, according to Triton Digital.


Unlocking the Power of Buyer Personas

Unlocking the Power of Buyer Personas + Empathy Maps: Your Guide to Crafting Killer Marketing Strategies Lacking clarity as to who your target audiences are? In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the world of Buyer Personas and Empathy Maps - two powerful frameworks that can help you create marketing strategies that truly connect with your audience. Introduction As a marketer, it’s crucial to understand your target audience. […]

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Market Insights

Millions of People go Shopping!

Millions of people go shopping every day in the United States. Whether it’s for food, clothing, home goods, or electronics people are consciously choosing which stores they will visit and which products they will purchase. Would you like to have the last word with these shoppers? Would you like to tell them why they should come to YOUR store instead of the competitor down the street? With AM/FM radio you […]

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Spring Radio Advertising!

With the roses long since wilted in their Valentine’s vases and the last few unpopular pieces of chocolate eaten (was that a macadamia?), it is time, hopeful and ready advertiser, to place your spring radio advertising! Keep this one important thought in mind: the early bird not only gets the worm but gets to mix it up with other early birds. For your business, these other early birds are consumers […]

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More than 680 million Podcasts are downloaded every month, as listeners choose and then listen to “Radio On Demand.” Target your audience by lifestyle interest with 30- and 60-second sponsorship messages voiced by the podcast hosts. It’s the most affordable way to have celebrity talent voice your message in a foreground listening environment where loyal listeners hang on their every word.

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Streaming Radio

Over 100 million people are regular listeners to Pandora, Spotify and other Streaming Radio channels, where you can pinpoint target an audience – with zero waste – by age, gender and geography. Some of these streaming services partner with Big Data companies to further target listeners by more than a thousand lifestyle and consumption categories.

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SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Over 34 million people subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, where over 50 channels of Spoken Word programming create astounding opportunities to reach an affluent audience via News, Talk, Sports, Comedy, Business, Political and Lifestyle programming. Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) is a audio entertainment company in North America, and the premier programmer and platform for subscription and digital advertising-supported audio products. SiriusXM’s platforms collectively reach approximately 150 million listeners, […]

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92% of all Adults listen to Radio…

More than 92% of all Adults listen to AM/FM Radio every week. That’s more than any other advertising platform, including TV, smartphones and tablets. Nielsen calls AM/FM the “blue blazer” of the media universe, reaching across all generations, ethnicities and demographics with thousands of stations, dozens of formats and the trusted voices of popular air personalities.

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