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Welcome Yacht Rock Radio USA – 60s, 70s, 80s Smooth Sailing Rock….

Yacht Rock Radio’s – All Year Summer Long Beach Party! You’ll hear artists like Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Hall & Oates and other greats of smooth rock music. It’s the kind of rock that doesn’t rock the boat! So sit back in your lounge chair and soak it up!

Riding the wave all year long in your lounge chair, Yacht Rock, Soft Rock, Easy Listening Smooth Rock Music…

“So much better Sirius XM’s shallower playlist’s and using to many DJ’s and shows! What more could you ask for?! Just play me the music! Thank you Yacht Rock Radio! – Alexandra.”

Yacht rock boasts a listener base with some intriguing demographic twists:


Yacht rock, characterized by its smooth sounds and soft melodies, emerged between roughly 1976 and 1984. It features artists like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Chicago. Interestingly, yacht rock didn’t even have a name until a few years ago.

Yacht rock is most popular among those aged 45-54 and 18-24, indicating that listeners who came of age during the music’s heyday and their children love those smooth grooves. 

  • Double Dose of Fans: It attracts both the original fans and a younger generation:

    • Nostalgia Seekers (45-54): This core audience grew up with yacht rock’s golden age (mid-70s to mid-80s) and enjoys the return to familiar tunes.
    • Newcomers (18-24): The smooth sounds and catchy melodies resonate with this generation too, perhaps introduced by parents or discovering it online.






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