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A Full Suite of Radio Advertising Services

The Digital Broadcasting Network has become the leading authority on radio advertising thanks to our ability to learn, evolve and stay on the cutting edge of innovation in radio for the past 25 years. We maintain this commitment to evolution because it means applying our knowledge and expertise to our client’s campaigns.

Whether you’re looking for a classic series of radio spots, innovative podcast or satellite radio advertising, efficient media planning, or placement, we have everything you need under one roof. Our team of creative and media specialists offers a comprehensive radio advertising experience, from the development and conception of your ads to campaign execution and management.


Whether desktop or mobile, Our Stations are designed with all of your favorite devices in mind to deliver the world’s best listening experience.

available on the app stores

In addition, Our Stations are listed on the following third-party Radio Streaming Radio Apps and are also available in Apple, Amazon, Android, Samsung, and Microsoft stores to over 2 billion users…
Sonos, Alexa, Google, Microsoft, TuneIn, MyTuner, YY Radio, Radio FM, Simple Radio, Radio Online, NextRadio, MyRadio, VRadio, PC Radio Tune FM, Radio Box, Radio, Radio FM AM, Radio U.S., Radio RH, RadioLY, etc…

Our Services

Optimizing Your Succes

Once we navigate your campaign to deliver the desired cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition or other success metric, we are actively engaged in the ongoing management of your campaign, testing new media and/or creative to scale the campaign as large as you’d like. How could we craft or tweak the message to generate even more response? Which media is working best and how can we buy more media like it? How can we […]

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Types of Radio Advertising

Radio advertising continues to prove an excellent medium for reaching audiences through its high penetration levels and repetition. Radio ads are also highly memorable and generate excellent consumer recall and a high call to action. Empire can recommend the best stations for your target audience and objectives, and help you plan your radio adverts from start to finish. What are the Different Types of Radio Advertising? There are various types […]

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Direct Response Ads

Success In Black-And-White Clarity Digital Broadcasting Network has mastered direct response the hard way; losing accounts when sales metrics fell short of profitability. Fortunately, we were rewarded for successful campaigns by having media budgets doubled, tripled, even increased tenfold to scale those campaigns. The brutal black-and-white clarity of direct response advertising is also what makes it so beautiful, for a well-structured campaign will reveal precisely how to make future radio […]

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Digital Broadcasting Network

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Radio Commercials

Crafting Effective and Engaging Radio Commercials Powerful copywriting and masterful production are essential to the success of any advertising campaign. On radio, that requires a specialized set of skills, different than those used in digital design or television production. The process starts with you, the client, defining exactly what you want a radio listener to do after they’ve heard your radio commercial. From there, every word, every sound, is orchestrated […]

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Building Your Relationship With Customers Successful branding means nurturing enduring relationships with customers. It’s creating the affinity that makes a customer choose your brand over another, even when logic and price might suggest a better option. Perhaps no other medium can tap into this emotional nerve center more cost-effectively than radio. Here’s an example. If we told you to close your eyes and picture the perfect sunset, imagine exactly where […]

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