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Warren Lotus Eaters - The first picture of you Seeing the flowers scream their joy! Waz The Cure - Six Different Ways For all you cure heads on the door jc garcia jubilation anything box live life love dewinter Siouxie and banshees-killing jar to all former friends in Spolok bar and to all of u David Mary’s Prayer by Danny Wilson To Deb. Thanks for our time together The Wildcat Duran Duran - Night Boat DD thanks for the FANTASTIC show! Bartek The The Giant Greetings from Poland Howard Implog - Breakfast To Lisa. Let's make breakfast every morning. William The Cure - The Walk In a Cure mood! Loving the music! Ashley Blondie - Atomic (2001 Remaster) For Mama Coco in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. Get well. Toroth Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now For Vega. Stay foxy! Gee The Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies For all you new wave 80s people Sagittal Stand or fall by the fixx From my carefree youth Kostya Lotz That’s no lie, Heaven 17 extended mix For the homies still slugging it out. Марина David Bowie - Criminal World Morning, guys Teddy S. Kid Rock - Born Free WILDCOUNTRY.RADIO - Thank you! From all of us working the farms in Georgia this morning! Love this country station! Happy 4th!!!! USA! Sam The Smashing Pumpkins - Today ROCKNROLL.RADIO - Playing your station at work all day long, everyone in the office loves it! Ron S. Autograph - Turn Up the Radio ROCKNROLL.RADIO Thank you! For all working this morning! Love this Station! Happy 4th!!!! USA! Mia. Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance NEWWAVE.RADIO - Good morning New Wave Radio from Toronto! Maria F. New Order - Blue Monday NEWWAVE.RADIO - I love you guys at New Wave Radio Mantem! Rio!
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