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The Relationship between Music Use at Work, Satisfaction, and Performance!

“Don’t Stop the Music,” Please: The Relationship between Music Use at Work, Satisfaction, and Performance! Yes! Music is magical. It has the potential to boost our concentration, mindset, and performance. In the context of work, background has been found to improve our performance on cognitive tasks, such as spatial or verbal ability tests, for periods. Other research has shown that music is a powerful emotional regulation tool, and a recent […]

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Music streaming revenue worldwide 2005-2022

Published by  Marie Charlotte Götting, May 23, 2023 In 2022, streaming revenues reached 17.5 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, the highest ever recorded and more than six times the figure given for 2015, when music streaming revenue amounted to 2.7 billion. Streaming revenues now account for over 67 percent of global recorded music revenue. The music industry is changing Over the last two decades, the music industry has been heavily impacted […]

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Market Statistics Of Music Streaming Platforms & Apps

Market Statistics Of Music Streaming Platforms & Apps If the recent stats have anything to go by, from the year 2014-2020, the music apps revenue has crossed 500%. Not just this, but since the year 2019, the growth in terms of revenue is expected more than 100 billion USD on a year-to-year basis going up to the year 2023. This constant increase in the number of app users ensures recurring revenue for the music app business. The […]

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Optimizing Your Succes

Once we navigate your campaign to deliver the desired cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition or other success metric, we are actively engaged in the ongoing management of your campaign, testing new media and/or creative to scale the campaign as large as you’d like. How could we craft or tweak the message to generate even more response? Which media is working best and how can we buy more media like it? How can we […]

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Direct Response Ads

Success In Black-And-White Clarity Digital Broadcasting Network has mastered direct response the hard way; losing accounts when sales metrics fell short of profitability. Fortunately, we were rewarded for successful campaigns by having media budgets doubled, tripled, even increased tenfold to scale those campaigns. The brutal black-and-white clarity of direct response advertising is also what makes it so beautiful, for a well-structured campaign will reveal precisely how to make future radio […]

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Digital Broadcasting Network

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Radio Commercials

Crafting Effective and Engaging Radio Commercials Powerful copywriting and masterful production are essential to the success of any advertising campaign. On radio, that requires a specialized set of skills, different than those used in digital design or television production. The process starts with you, the client, defining exactly what you want a radio listener to do after they’ve heard your radio commercial. From there, every word, every sound, is orchestrated […]

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